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Trade mark Registration

Service Description

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The most common pitfall for trademarks is waiting until something goes wrong to act.

I regularly work with clients who come to me because they have had their brand identity copied, discovered another business using their name or have received a letter telling them they have stepped on a competitor’s toes.

That’s why I’ve made it simple and affordable for you to protect your trademark today, before this happens. Stake your claim now, and avoid costly and messy wrangles later on.

The longer you wait, the more vulnerable your business becomes. 

Before the application is made, an extensive search is completed to make us aware of any similar trademarks. 

The application requires a description of goods in the relevant classes (the field your products or services belong to). I’ll help you identify your aims for the trademark and the classes to apply for, as well as helping you describe your products and services in accurate terms.  

I submit the application and handle all the communication to ensure a smooth process, notifying you of each milestone along the way. 

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• I handle all the documents, and decipher the legal jargon for you.

• I advise which territories and classes you need to protect.

• I save you precious time.

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