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These one-off projects will help you get your house in order. All fees are quoted in full up-front, so there’s no nasty shocks, just peace of mind that you have secured what matters to you.

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This is such an important project for any business that is working on a new business name, strapline, or identities for products or services.

It is the first step we take when we apply for a Trademark Registration, but in some cases it makes sense to do it as a standalone project, just to get the lie of the land.

A due diligence search is relatively quick and inexpensive and will allow you to determine if your proposed or current name can be freely used, before you spend precious time or money developing it further.

It’s also a great way to establish how successful a full trademark application is likely to be before you start.

I will conduct a comprehensive search in the relevant databases to see if similar properties are being used and in which classes.

I will provide you with a full report and advise where your opportunities lie.

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• I understand how the databases work and what to look for.

• I can confirm that your brand isn’t already in use by someone else before you invest time and money in it.

• If you are a copywriter or brand strategist, I can clear your concepts on behalf of a client before they invest further.

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