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If you think your business doesn’t need full registration protections yet, or if you’re waiting to invest in these protections later on, you can still monitor the trademark database for UK registrations .

This database is available to everyone for free, but it can be difficult to run proper searches yourself and to be 100% sure that similar brands aren’t seeking trademark protection in the same classes as you.

You’d also have to remember to check back regularly to keep on top of any new registrations.

Use my Brand Watch service and sleep-easy knowing that anything that concerns you will be flagged up before it becomes a problem.

I will conduct a comprehensive search in the relevant databases to see if similar properties are being used and in which classes.

I will provide you with a full report and advise where your opportunities lie.

I will continue to monitor registrations and will send you a monthly report highlighting any application that should concern you.

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• You are a new or smaller business who wants help protecting their business name but without investing in a full trademark registration yet.

• You’re a larger brand who wants to keep an eye on registered trademarks, words or phrases that may be used in future.

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